Jacose Bell
Creative Wrangler, Mixologist, Life Connoisseur

I grew up with a very traditional definition of what Art was. Art hung the wall. Art was a sculpture. Art was a very static experience. The longer that I live and come into more of a community in my own life around people who consider themselves to be artists, that definition about what Art is to me has grown. The thing I love most about art is the evolution of it culturally. I think it can be as much of a static piece as much as it can be an active process in your life. I think that is my favorite thing about Art, is that it is always evolving.

How we define what it means to be an artist and when you’re allowed to own that word and when you’re not. I think there is a certain importance in not bandying it about. I don’t want to cheapen it, but there is art in all of us. What that looks like in terms of how you express that is going to vary uniquely. Just because you can’t pick up a pencil and render a portrait doesn’t mean you aren’t artistic. It doesn’t mean you don’t have access to those pieces of yourself. Art is just like anything else in your life—the more you access it the more comfortable and more fluid you become in your own form of artistic expression. I think that is a cool thing that has kind of become more open to me in the last few years, is that I am more interested in exploring those pieces of myself because I see people also in that process and it’s like “Whoa, right! That’s a really internal piece of self and self expression”. We don’t tend to allow as much space for it in everyday life for everyday people to just be creative.