ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 10 : Allison Murphy

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 10 : Allison Murphy

Allison Murphy
Designer, Fiber Artist, Mother, Creative Connoisseur

The freedom that it can be anything– it can be how you choose to put an outfit together or how you choose to apply paint to a board. It can be how you creatively choose your words to explain something. All of those things are art to me.

I think when things become not art is when you exist on auto-pilot and choice are not being made in a creative or intentional manner.

It makes life more beautiful. It makes life more fun. When we exist with intentional beauty and intentional design surrounding us, I feel life is better lived. Aesthetic differs for everybody. I have my own point of view and it doesn’t make one better than the other. As long as people are living with the aesthetic they love. Than that’s great.

I think people don’t realize that this is art, because they weren’t raised with art in school or in the home, so they don’t know how to look for art. I think a lot of people are intimidated by art and they don’t know how to integrate it into their lives.

I love that the possibility of art is always there in everyday life, even if people don’t know that its there. It really just requires a little – you know, a conversation or a book or something to wake their mind up to the possibility of more beauty or interesting things instead of just accepting mediocrity.

The level of art and mediocrity—as painful as it is, the way we measure the great art is by comparing it to the mediocre art.