ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 11 : Amanda Stuermer

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 11 : Amanda Suermer

Amanda Stuermer
Mother, Yoga Instructor, Girl Empower-er, Catalyst

My favorite thing about art is that it inspires me to look at the world in a new way– to look at the world through the eyes of the artists, to try to see what they see. By doing that I start to see the world a little differently. It creates a bigger view of the world than I had just looking at it through my eyes. When you look at art created by different artists, you are always expanding your view because you are seeing it in new ways. Different artists capture different emotions and perspectives. When you are exposed to that you become more empathetic, compassionate towards more of the world. It expands our lives.

When I travelled and was at Notre Dame, what really moved me was the faith that went into some of those huge architectural endeavors. Just the faith that some people put into creating something that is so huge and that some didn’t even live to see the completion of. It hits me very deeply when I see faith invoked in Art or architecture.

I don’t consider myself an overly religious person, but often it is religious art that I am moved by because I feel this deep thing that inspired it– this yearning to understand something higher—to connect to something higher. It’s not something I would necessarily want in my house, but when I go into old cathedrals or small chapels in New Mexico, that’s where I feel the most moved. When I see the carvings the Santeros created or the alter pieces because there is this deep faith that is fused.

I think art is what gives us our sense of expression whether we consider ourselves an artist or not. I think it is important to expose children and youth to art early on and through out—just give them different opportunities to express themselves creatively because you never know how they are going to find their voice. Creativity and art can help them develop their voice and we all need a voice in this world.