ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 16 : Jen Shumway and Wynette Winowski

ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 16 : Jen Shumway and Wynette Winowski

Jen Shumway and Wynette Winowski
Art lovers, friends, former co-workers, bargain hunters

What I love about art is seeing what people come up with—their creativity come out into an object. Plus, it makes you feel things, but that can be different for every person. It’s all what you see and what you take in based on where you are at in your life.

Pretty much all the art I loved when I was younger I am still fond of, but itys not my favorite anymore. Growing up, in my teens, I was in Kandinsky. I love dhim. Now I am into more classic work. When I was younger I thought the classic stuff was boring. Now I really appreciate it.

I think the knowledge I have has deepend how I view it.
I like that art can be anything. It doesn’t have any boundaries. The sky is the limit. To see where people take that is really interesting because you can get anything from a painted car to sky writing to tattoos to tricked out coffins.

I don’t think there is anything I don’t like, but I am more drawn to creepier art. I am drawn to creepy things in general. Probably something bad happened to me when I was young.

There is something really beautiful and romantic about that dark, evil stuff. You probably don’t realize it is there, but it sets a mood. The colors or the darkness, like going into a dark bar or a candlelit dinner.

I wish I was better at art

I was I had more time for it—to make it and enjoy it.