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I turned 41 this year. And just in time, too. The existential crisis that has been the last two years of my life was getting boring.

“Forty-one-derful” is what my friends have dubbed it. I made it over the hump. Again. And there will be plenty of humps coming, but right now, it’s nice to coast on happiness.

Part of that is my friends and the world I am circling in these days. Sharing a studio with Allison, collaborating with Ori. It’s exactly why I wanted to start of my Coffee blog series again. More this.

So, I sent out a message and my friends answered. I asked them to have coffee with me, talk about Art, which, for me, means talking about life. I took photos of them and created the portraits that accompany each post.

The first time around with the coffee conversations, I needed inspiration to keep going. I was coming off of a long stretch of bleakness. I had just ended working at a job I had been immersed in and had somehow lost myself in. And not the good “I lost myself”– like I was in my studio and the sun was perfect and Nina Simone was on the radio and I was flying above the atmosphere with a paint brush in my hand. I completely lost myself– I forgot who I was and what I had to offer the world or even understand if I had anything to offer at all.

Those first sets of interviews were different than this second set. The first set, over three years ago, were about feeling safe to try something new. This second set seems more like a result of having finally embraced that creative abyss I found myself in and going with it.

Sharing a morning coffee or afternoon kombucha has allowed me to be inspired through out my day to day, to think about new things. To look in new directions. And to look back into old directions with new eyes.

I know– that’s a lot for coffee and asking just 1 question: “What’s your favorite thing about Art?”

But so far, it’s working.

Look for a new interview every Tuesday and Thursday.

Teafly • June 18, 2016 • Bend, Oregon (the East side of 1st)

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  1. Allison Murphy says:

    I love your brain.

    I’m so happy that you are able to coast on happiness right now… xoxox

    Warmly, Allison Murphy utilitu sewing + design 1234 NE 1st St. Bend OR 97701 cell : 541.350.8511


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