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I had such a high regard to artists and I felt like I was never in the same arena. I always wanted their art because it was so beautiful and inspiring, but I never saw myself as an artist. I do now, however. A lot of artists I was around, they would urge me to make my own art. I’d pout. My lip would drag a little bit. But, over time, I got to a place where I could make my own art. So, I just never thought I was good at that. I am honored that my art friends let me hang around long enough to make my own art.

To make my own art, feels like—how do I explain it? My mother would say “It feels like heaven” That was one of her expressions. I always wondered how did she know what heaven felt like. Maybe it was just something she felt in her in her heart. That’s how art feels to me. It just feels, alive. It feels connected. It’s a connection to another part of me that without the art I might not get to, because of the busyness of my day. I am always happy that I connect to another part of myself. Art helps me do that.

I am saddened that art was the first thing to go in the lives of children. For a person like me, rapidly approaching 63, I had art (in school). So, when it came back to me, I gravitated towards it. Fast. And with these kids, I don’t know if they are even given a chance. Especially the kids I know in my community. It makes me sad that they don’t have it. When it comes to them later in life, I pray that they are given the chance to find it. For me it was something I was exposed to. I didn’t appreciate it (at the time), but it was there. It was something that I had. I am really grateful that my life has spilled open enough for it to return to me.

I feel honored that I have Art in my life. It is a blessing. A privilege that everyone should have.

1 thought on “ACCOUNTABLE COFFEE : DAY 2 : Majik

  1. Majik says:

    Way to go Teafly, I love the way you captured me. You are my friend and fellow artist, thank you. Keep up the good work. I got my eye on you.
    Love Majik

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