Ian Mouser
Musician, Teaching Artist, Founder of My Voice Music

It’s almost like I almost don’t even like the word art. I think art carries with it too much of an ideation over noticed intent. Like an art gallery where we are looking at someone who is noticed. I’ve lived with 20 artists who were never noticed. And they had great art.

What I like about art is it’s an ideation over make-believe. You get to make up whatever the hell you want. So, I like that art is what you make of it. But, that lends itself to big egos. And to who controls the space wins the lottery, so that lends itself to a lot of bullshit.

What I like about art is that you can be completely right even if everyone says you are wrong. There are no rules. There are no limits. I think that is really powerful.

The refinement process of art—I like to think of Art—good art is true unto itself. Everything that can detract from that piece has been removed and then you are left with something that makes its point clearly and that takes constant refinement. So, I think that is my favorite part—the process.

The process is the journey you are on to constantly create the greatest piece of art that has ever existed.

I think its important– the experience that art allows people to be engaged in new ways. I think people should be engaged in new ways, even if they don’t know that they want to be engaged or how they want to be engaged.