Teafly.BendMag.Portrait.jpgWhen I first moved to the west coast, I couldn’t believe how tall the trees were. They seemed like mythological creatures, which is a funny way to think about trees. But, there they were– standing so immensely tall, and yet, so very gentle. That was how I wanted to be, so I have stayed here ever since.

For the last 20 years, I have been working as an artist and an educator. Some days I am better at one than the other. The good days are when I am excellent at both simultaneously. I love those days. I teach a variety of mediums– painting, drawing, photography, writing, film making. Mostly what I teach is how to develop your voice honestly, openly and confidently. I like to ask questions. I find it is the best way to get an answer– start with a question. What I teach is how to ask the right questions and how to not be afraid of the answers.

I work professionally as an artist. If you need a bumble bee delivering your tea, I’m the gal for you! You name it, I can probably draw or design it!

In the past, I illustrated a short-lived stationery line called “Poppy”. She was a girl who did everything– Poppy rode a bike, Poppy cooked dinner, Poppy drank coffee, Poppy sat on the moon and played a guitar. You know, girl stuff. Women loved it. One even emailed me to say she tattooed Poppy on her lower back. Yup– Poppy is a tramp stamp. Still, very flattering. Most recently, you may be familiar with a little piece I did called “My Body Is Not A Democracy” which went a bit viral (to say the least).

I have also made films for festivals and to sell stuff. I prefer the festival making films, but not too lucrative.

What I really love is creating community-based art projects that help those communities look deeper into themselves, like the “We Live Here, Too” project which was a series of portraits of people in the LGBTQ community in their favorite places in Central Oregon. In the next coming months, I am creating a series of inspirational creatures for the local environmental center to help promote stewardship for our planet.

I make art because it is the best language I speak. I teach art because I want to have more and better conversations with my fellow humans about this big amazing world and everything in it.

Most days you can find me in my studio at The Workhouse, located at 50 Scott Street.

I’m the one with marker all over my hands.




2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Marie says:

    Dear Teafly,

    Years ago I bought a set of iPop stationery with – you guessed it – Poppy. She was riding a bike with a baquette and flowers in the basket, and the one word:”thanks!” I love these cards and used them carefully – but, alas! they ran out. The only thing I would have changed was “thanks” to “merci.”

    I have looked in vain for another set – mostly on the internet, of course. My friends and family appreciated them – and I thought they captured some of my spirit although I do not personally look like Poppy. It is a comfort to have found the source . . .



    1. teafly says:

      Wow, Marie! Thank you for your kind words. I agree– “merci” would have been better, but I didn’t make those decisions. :/

      While, I don’t have the cards anymore, I do have 8×10 prints available of Bike Poppy (as we used to call her). I only sell them when I do art shows or you can message me thru my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/artbyteafly and I will sell one via Pay Pal.

      I am so glad you you found me and let me know about your Bike Poppy love!
      Thank you so much!

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