Art education is not about becoming an artist, it is about learning how you see the world, finding your voice to communicate that idea and building your creative thinking skills in order to raise your quality of life no matter where or how you live. There is so much beauty and possibility in the world and art education helps us to realize it fully.

That’s why I teach Art.

I teach a variety of mediums– painting, drawing, photography, writing, film making. Mostly what I teach is how to develop your voice honestly, openly and confidently. I like to ask questions. I find it is the best way to get an answer– start with a question. What I teach is how to ask the right questions and how to not be afraid of the answers.

Classroom with Frame


I teach various classes at my studio : STUDIO TEAFLY (class lists and descriptions here).

I offer classes year-round after school, during spring break and of course in the summer!

My classes vary from sculpting to photography and I always try to offer a variety of creative courses for young artists ages 5-17. Check my Studio Teafly page for updates about what is happening in the studio!



I am available for in-school residencies. I have taught various art projects at over 35 schools nation-wide and can develop a unique curriculum for your school! Email me for references, rates and to talk about what I can offer you!